Here are some frequently asked questions pre-answerd, so you don't have to ask each question again and again.


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General questions

Who are these IRC operators? Can I become an oper, too? These and other questions are answered in this general section.

Who are these guys called 'IRC operator' or 'oper'?

IRC operators are the guys doing all the work behind the scenes. They repair servers, reroute them or help you users to solve your problems.
IRC operators are your friends, as long as you make them mad on you. Remember, they have more pull!

What are these IRC operators able to do?

It's a lie that IRC operators can do everything they want to. Their activities are as limited by network rules as yours are.
But well, here's a list:

And that's really it. No one will gain any operator or voiced status on channels just because they're IRC operators. In general, IRC operators have no power on the channels, except they're opped of course.
We cannot


SkyIrc provides services to protect your nickname and your channels and to make your life easier in general.

How do I protect my nickname?

Our nice friend NickServ is responsible for nickname protection. You can simply contact him to let him protect your nick and register for an account.
To do so, simply execute the following commands:

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email-address>

Don't worry, your password is super encrypted in our database, looking like random characters and digits.
Your email-address is visible to IRC operators only. No normal user will be able to see it - neither we're giving it out.

NickServ then sends you an email to be safe you're really the one pretending to be. Paranoid bot.

For more information on how to use NickServ use this command:

/msg NickServ HELP

How do I register my channel?

A friend of NickServ, ChanServ, has been set up to watch over your lovely channels. He has a great bunch of functions, but registering channels to not lose your operator status is the most essential.

/msg ChanServ REGISTER <#channel>

In case you're registered and logged in at NickServ, you're then the found of <#channel>, gaining operator status on join and being able to do all the cool stuff with ChanServ on your channel.
Which cool stuff that is, is written here:

/msg ChanServ HELP

How can I hide my IP?

Doing so is very easy. NickServ has another friend called HostServ, who is responsible for doing only that - hiding your IP.
You can get a default cloak like user/accountname (where accountname is your accountname at NickServ) by typing one command:

/msg HostServ TAKE user/$account

Done, you're cloaked.

Another possibility is to ask a staffer in #help to set a cloak on your account. This can be choosen quite free, just ask for the possibilities.